Buraksan Hiking Preserve

Buraksan Hiking Preserve

Great place to explore near Osan Air Base.Buraksan1 Buraksan2 Buraksan3
Buraksan map pins: WazeiPhone Maps,  Google Maps, Naver, or Daum

A few notes about the different map pins:

  1. Waze, Naver, and Daum will start driving directions when you are off post.
  2. Naver and Daum have much more detailed maps than any of the other maps, including street view, aerial photos and traffic updates; however they are in Korean so you have to mess around with them. I prefer Naver over Daum. It seems easier.
  3. Google Maps does not provide driving directions in South Korea. For an explanation as to why, read this article in the New York Times.

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