Car Washes Near Camp Humphreys

For now, no on-post car wash available at Camp Humphreys

Here is a list of a few of the car washes near Camp Humphreys in Anjeong-ri:

Hyundai Oil Bank – Automatic Car Wash
Hours: 8am-6pm (open even on cold days)
Car wash: 5,000₩
Vacuum: 500₩
Compressed air: 500₩
Directions: Located right out the main gate in the ville. Turn right as you exit the Camp Humphreys main gate. Drive to the stop light by the golf driving range. Hyundai Oil Bank will be on your left.
GPS: search by name – Oilbank Songhwa  or by number – 031 691 0888
I like this one the best, because they power wash your vehicle prior to entering the car wash. I tried the vacuum once at Hyundai Oil Bank and it was terrible, hopefully it has been fixed.

Hyundai Oilbank - Anjeong-riHyundai Oilbank - Anjeong-ri

GS Gas Station
Hours: 6am-10pm (car wash is closed on extremely cold days)
Car wash: 5,000₩/car, 6,000₩/van or suv
Vacuum: 500₩
Compressed air: Free
Directions: Located directly out the Camp Humphreys CPX gate. Continue on the road as you exit the CPX gate. Drive to the traffic light (not the flashing red or yellow lights). GS Gas station will be across the intersection on the left.
GPS information: search by name – GS Gas Station Jeongu or by number -031 655 3900
I like this one for the easy access to the vacuum and free compressed air.

GS Gas StationGS car washGS vacuum

Self Service Car Wash
Directions: Turn right as you exit the Camp Humphreys main gate. Drive to the stop light by the golf driving range. Turn left at the light. Before you get to the next light the self car wash will be on the left.
GPS: search for “Reserve Forces Training Center Junction”
Maps: iPhone, Google, Waze, Naver

Self Service Car Wash Anjeong-ri

Hand Car Wash
Hours: 8am-5pm
Phone: 010 3907 0880 (you can call to schedule an appointment)
Inside/Outside Detail
SUV: 40,000₩ (30,000 wash only)
Car: 35,000₩ (25,000 wash only)
Small Car: 30,000₩ (20,000 only)
Detailing takes about 30mins
GPS: search by phone number “031 692 2662” this is the Mujigae Pharmacy near the Hand Car Wash
Maps: iPhone, Google, Waze, Naver

Hand Car Wash Anjeong-riHand Car Wash Anjeong-ri