El Gitano Camp Humphreys Anjeong-ri

El Gitano Camp Humphreys

El Gitano Mexican Grill, Anjeong-ri, South Korea, located in the ville outside the walk-out gate from Camp Humphreys.El Gitano Camp Humphreys Anjeong-riEl Gitano is a Chipotle style restaurant. First choose a burrito, bowl, tacos, or nachos.

El Gitano Camp Humphreys Anjeong-riThen choose your meat:
chicken, barbacoa, carnitas, or steak
chicken and barbacoa (pork)
carnitas (beef)

El Gitano Camp Humphreys Anjeong-riNext choose your toppings. Sour cream comes standard; however guacamole is extra (guacamole is a bit expensive here in Korea).
El Gitano Camp Humphreys Anjeong-ri

El Gitano hours: 11:00am – 9:30pm Sun-Thur
Fri-Sat 11:00-12:30am

El Gitano website: there is no information yet on the Anjeong-ri location

El Gitano Facebook Page

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Google Maps for El Gitano – Anjeong-ri
Remember Google won’t provide driving directions, but you can use the map to figure out where El Gitano is in Anjeong-ri. It’s within easy walking distance of the Camp Humphreys walk-out gate.

El Gitano Camp Humphreys