Dream Depot Cheonan

Dream Depot Cheonan Dream Depot in Cheonan is a huge three story craft/household goods store.

Open 9am to 8pm closed Sundays

The first floor has household items similar to a Daiso, with other dollar store type items. On the first floor there are things like pens along with cleaning supplies and plastic containers.

The second floor has mostly office supply items along with sports equipment and hobby model kits.Dream Depot Cheonan 2nd Floor

Dream Depot Cheonan 2nd Floor Hobby Kits

The third floor has all of the craft supplies.Dream Depot Cheonan 3rd FloorParking is around the back of the building with a small parking garage. You can enter the parking from the left side of the building. It is very narrow, so you might not want to go in with larger vehicles.

Maps: iPhone, Google, Naver, Waze (there are several “Dream Depot Cheonan”s listed in Waze, we followed one that took us to a party store in Cheonan. It was a cool party store, but not Dream Depot)

Dream Depot Cheonan