Happy Quilt Pyeongtaek

Get your fabric fix!

Happy Quilt Pyeongtaek is not far from Camp Humphreys and on the way to Osan Air Base. Also near E-Mart and Jije Subway Station in Pyeongtaek.

Happy Quilt Pyeongtaek SignHappy Quilt Pyeongtaek HoursHappy Quilt Pyeongtaek Interior RollsHappy Quilt Pyeongtaek Interior RowsHappy Quilt Pyeongtaek Interior cut fabricLots of fabric to choose from. You can end up easily spending way too much time and money here. I have heard that there is another building with even more fabrics and patterns that you can ask to see, maybe worth asking.

Maps: iPhone, Google, Waze, Naver
Coordinates: 37.019987, 127.064967